Bearing Check Tool

With this bearing check tool, It’s a good way to see if the reel bearings have completed their life. The bearing is inserted into the housing and rotated around the finger tip. If the bearing has difficulty in turning freely and is noisy, it has completed its life. It’s need to be replaced. This tool is compatible with 3-4-5-6-7mm of bearing. It’s ideal for most spinning reel bearings.

Cleaning Bearings with Bearing Check Tool

You can also use this tool to cleaning bearings with carb cleaner or any other degreaser. Just place the bearing into bearing check tool and spray on it pressured degreaser. See at Degreaser section to view what types of degreaser we use.

Applying Grease with Bearing Check Tool

Appyling grease to reel bearings with this tool very easy. Place the bearing same way as described above than apply the your favorite grease to bearing. A dental spatula will help you to use correct amount of grease and prevents overflow.

bearing checking tool