Cal’s purple star drag grease

The manufacturer states as Universal Reel and Star Drag Grease and we’ll deal with cal’s purple star drag grease in this article other than tan version.

This cals grease is a purple one is one of lightest grease on the market and that is more thinner than tan which is scaled-down viscosity. But all other of specification is the same. This means, you could use this purple one at the colder climates and light fishing reels especially. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot use purple cals grease at the summer seasons for your reel. Since this lightest than tan, reels that are spinning or baitcasting applied with this purple one is the more stable and giving more cranking performance.

As of the Tan version, you could use this purple drag grease to various reel parts such as: drive and pinion gear, bearings, worm gear, screws etc. whatever area you want. Plastic safe. It contains PTFE that reduces friction, wear and it generates a thin film on the metal surfaces to prevent corrosion or rust. Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater usage.

To review the Tan version of this grease, see at Cals Grease page if you want and compare both cal’s drag grease tan vs purple. You may decide them yourself what grease is work for your reel or not.

Officially available in 1 oz. and 1 Lb. tub. Pricing is the same as Tan like 1 oz. (28g) from US $7.00 and 1 Lb. (453g) Tub from $30.00. You may easily find out on the various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or popular tackle web sites and purchase from this price range.

Some of places are listed for sale the 1/2 oz (15g) of this grease in the plastic container which is re-packaged from large containers. You can purchase from US $3.50 if you’re looking for more cheaper.

Cal’s purple star drag grease 1oz (28g) container

cal's purple drag grease
cals purple grease
cal's purple grease container
cals purple reel grease
cal's purple drag grease
cals purple star drag grease
cal's purple drag grease bearing
cals purple grease applying to bearing
cal's purple grease applied to bearing