How to protect screws from corrosion or rust

The reel screws that are located on the side plate of spinning reel, it may be get easily corrosion or rust. In this case, we’ll protect screws with a thing. The saltwater fishers are having much more issues for this. Some times the screws are that stucked in its slot and damage both screw of thread and its slot. But you could still protect them from both saltwater or fresh water attack while in fishing.

Generally we using such as; coating the screws with a grease or an oil. Bluing process is an another option. Also you could use threadlocker; this only protects the screw threads from corrosion, but it’s excellent waterproof agent, so the saltwater or another thing does not leak in the reel parts. The loctite or liqui moly brand I recommend. Ensure that bought only the blue one, not red or green colored product which is very difficult to remove when you need.

Protect screws using a grease

Before the inserting the screws in the its slot, apply a small amount of grease to its threads and place them its slot. It is so easy and use your favorite grease as your prefer. You may want to visit Grease section to view best grease brands on the market.

protect reel screw from corrosion