How to grease a bearing

To get maximum protection with less maintenance for your fishing reel and prevent from oxiditation, grease a bearing is good idea. It’s also recommended that your reel bearings are always be cleaned and well lubricated.

Grease is the gives you more protection than oil if you fishing in saltwater. Also, if you haven’t enough time always to doing reel maintenance, greased bearings has much more time to getting dirty and goes longer than oil.

Some of bearings has shield or seal, so you’ve to remove the shield or seal if any before the applying grease to bearing. See at how to remove bearing shield article if you haven’t experienced before.

If you do not know which grease you need to use for your reel or want to know popular grease brands on the market, see at Grease section.

How much grease will be used for bearing

Use a small amount of grease. It’s really enough. More grease does not provide more performance. More difficult to remove old grease if it overflow to another areas of reel when you planning to re-lube or maintenance again. Proper amount of grease as you seen below. You could lubricate one or two of bearings with this.

apply grease to reel bearing

Grease a bearing with finger

You could easily grease a bearing with your finger. Just get a small amount of reel grease to your finger and lubricate them.

grease a bearing

Grease a bearing with spatula

Another way is grease a bearing using spatula. Just dip the spatula to grease can and get a small amount.

grease to ball bearing

Appling grease with spatula so easy and clean way as you seen.

grease a spinning reel bearing