Drag washer cleaning

After the a few times of fishing trip, you’ll need to consider that drag washer cleaning for your spinning reel. A clean and good serviced drags are provides smooth operation while fishing. Here is the quick guide how to clean your reel drag washers.

Preparation for drag washer cleaning

Before the cleaning, you’ll need to pull out the washers and lay out them. The felt ones we’ll use for maintenance. See at Removing drag washers from spool tutorial if you not know how to do this.

spinning reel drag washer

Degreasing the washers with a Jar

A small empty of glass jar is enough for degreasing process. You may use also paper cups or bottles. Just place the felt washers to them and proceed to next step of degreasing section.

drag washer cleaning

The cleaning process

We’ll need to use a parts cleaner to degreasing old grease from drag washers. After the placing washers in small glass jar as described the previous step, cover it with your favorite degreaser and than leave them a few minutes in jar.

drag washer degreasing