How to grease a drive gear

Every end of fishing season, grease a drive gear for spinning reel is a good idea, because of the grease on drive gear teeth usually run out or looks as black colored. This means it has completed its life and needs to be renew. You need to open side plate of reel to view main gear otherwise you cannot see if the grease on main gear is turned black color or not.

The old grease does not provide good protection according to new one. If you fishing in saltwater, you understand what I mean. Every time you apply to grease any part of a reel, grease is generates a thin film on the metal, so the old grease due to lost their properties, such as saltwater or any other thing it may be easily breach of protection film and penetrate the metal. This cause rust, oxidation including lost of some of metal properties.

It’s most important that before the renewing grease on the main gear, it must be de-grease or clean of old grease before the applying new grease to the gear. You shouldn’t need any solution, fluid or liquid for this. A tooth brush and a microfiber cloth is really enough.

You may use your favorite grease. If you not sure which grease you use or want to see best grease brands for fishing reels, see at Grease section for this.

A brush help you applying grease on drive gear easily. Also, you may use your fingers to do this. A small spatula is another option.

Clean up old grease

When you remove drive gear, usually you seen the old grease on the main gear as follows. You have to clean up the old grease.

Drive gear ready for lubrication

After you clean up, drive gear is ready to applying grease. Here is the well cleaned drive gear as follows and it’s ready to lubricate.

Grease a drive gear

Use a grease your favorite or manufactured by reel brand. Apply the grease through a brush, finger or spatula, gently. Ensure that grease does not overflow from gear teeth. Too much grease is not recommended. The correct amount of grease that applied to the gear teeth as you seen as follows.