How to remove roller clutch anti-reverse

One of the complicated parts for spinning reels is the roller clutch anti-reverse assembly. Unlike the other parts, this bearing must be always clean and no grease. This quick tutorial will help you how to do this.

Remove spool assembly

To removing spool assembly, turn it the drag knob to counter-clockwise.

Remove spool washers

Spool support and washers are located on the spool shaft of spinning reel. Remove them by pulling upward towards.

spool washer

Remove rotor nut

If is there any small screw located in the right of the nut, this used as retainer and you need to remove it by screwdriver first.

rotor nut retainer screw

To removing rotor nut, use the 13mm of nut wrench.

rotor nut

The rotor nut was removed.

spinning reel rotor nut

Lift rotor assembly

To reach the anti-reverse roller clutch bearing, lift the rotor assembly from reel body.

reel rotor remove

Remove roller clutch mounting screws

Use the Philips screwdriver to remove this roller clutch screws.

roller clutch anti-reverse

Remove roller clutch anti-reverse assembly

After remove the screws, remove roller clutch assembly from pinion gear’s shaft.

roller clutch remove

Ready for basic maintenance or replacement

The anti-reverse roller clutch with it’s sleeve is the ready for basic maintenance or replacement.